Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sea Launch May Move to Brazil

Credit: Sea Launch

Russia may cooperate with Brazil in the Sea Launch program, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday. “A quite remarkable dialogue at the level of experts is currently in progress; possibly, the idea may take shape within the BRICS group, or in our bilateral relations with Brazil, of carrying out such joint launches and furnishing assistance to Brazil in developing its space industry and making its own spacecraft,” Rogozin said, adding that Brazil already had its own space site close to the ocean that would fit in well with such tasks.

“The first network of signal calibration for our navigation system GLONASS is already in place there. In a word, we may establish a long-term friendship with Brazil in the area of high technologies,” Rogozin believes.

He recalled that the Sea Launch floating launch pad had been designed and built specifically for the Zenit rocket — a joint product of Russia and Ukraine.

“Now, after the latest events in Ukraine, one may forget about industrial production in Ukraine, let alone high-tech manufacturing. It’s dead. As a result the project is suspended,” Rogozin explained.

“Moreover, the floating launch pad is close to US shores, near Los Angeles. Naturally we will take it away for our own use,” he added.

Credit: TASS