Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Sci-Fi TV Series Kicks Off a Crowdfunding Campaign

Credit: Voyager Films

A new sci-fi TV series is just about to start a real space revolution. The show called “Voyager”, currently under the first stage of development, is promising to bring innovation and convincing realism when it comes to narrating space exploration stories. “Imagine for a moment the terrifying reality of space. Being all alone, millions of miles from any known civilization or oxygen...where no one can hear you scream, and no one would even notice if you simply disappeared,” Grant Harvey of CrowdfundX, the project’s Media Relations Manager, told “‘Voyager’ will be a TV show unlike any other, taking the horrifying reality of space to a whole new level by using real science.”

The team behind the project started Saturday, Aug. 8, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that will run until Sept. 13, to raise at least $25,000, necessary to start the development of the series.

The fundraising effort gives the audience a unique chance of participation in the future design of the show. The producers also offer a rare behind-the-scenes experience of everything that goes into getting a TV series made: from the pitch, to the pilot production, and beyond.

Credit: Voyager Films
Credit: Voyager Films

The donations start from $5 and at least $20 assures an insider look at the process of developing the “Voyager”. Pledging $500 gives an exclusive opportunity to be one of the few involved directly with the Voyager Executive Producer in the creation and development process of the entire series.

“’Voyager’ will be the first TV series of its kind, developed in part by its audience, and because of that we need the support of the audience to bring it to life,” Harvey said.

Donating $750 or more secures you a spot in science or television workshop in Los Angeles, together with the show’s Executive Producer, where you will have an opportunity to pitch your own idea. Giving at least $5,000 provides the most valuable perk of being an Associate Producer of the series and a VIP guest for all events organized by the Executive Producer. It also includes all previous awards.

The campaign also offers a set of the show-related merchandise like eBooks, music albums, posters and T-shirts. Pledging just $100 gives all the mentioned products.

"Voyager" T-shirt offered in the crowdfunding campaign. Credit: Voyager Films
"Voyager" T-shirt offered in the crowdfunding campaign. Credit: Voyager Films

The show itself will offer travels to exotic locations within our own galaxy by harnessing energy found in space that allows for fast travel compared to today's technology, the project’s crowdfunding campaign site reads. The team’s goal is to create an innovation in sci-fi and sell it to a TV network with the endorsement of as many fans as possible. They want to make sci-fi believable and exciting at the same time.

Co-creators of “Voyager” are Nabil Sioufi, a PhD and biotechnology entrepreneur passionate about space exploration, cutting-edge technological advances, life sciences and exobiology, and Richard Christian Matheson, a writer of horror fiction and screenplays, who besides TV/films is also a New York Times critically-acclaimed author of several short story collections and novels, including “Scars and Other Distinguishing Marks”, “The Ritual of Illusion”, “Created By” and the Amazon #1 bestseller “Dystopia”. He also wrote episodes of the TV shows like: “The Incredible Hulk”, “Knight Rider” and “The A-Team”.

But as the production of the “Voyager” show is in its infancy, the full cast of the series is yet to be determined.

“As the show is in the fundraising stage, it doesn’t have a lead or any cast attached yet. That will come next after pitching the show to studios after the fundraising effort,” Harvey revealed.

The team plans to release the first episode in September 2016. However, it may take longer than anticipated before the show is picked up, produced, and released.

Support “Voyager” on the project’s Kickstarter website at:


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