Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mars One releases film based on Mars One applicants

Credit: Mars One

Independent documentary One Way Astronaut is now available for pay-per-view and download via It is a film based on the Mars One vision and follows the stories of several aspiring astronauts. The 54 minute film is a product out of studios of Tetteroo media. Peter Tetteroo, Director & Producer said: “Mars One project is a groundbreaking concept of high journalistic value. Worldwide interest in the Mars One mission is a tell-tale of our society today and its hopes for itself.”

Stephan, Sara, Henri and Beatriz, who like tens of thousands of applicants to the Mars One project from around the world, say they are willing to spend the rest of their lives on the red planet. It is the story of Mars One and its founder Bas Lansdorp in the project's early stages. Space experts answer questions about the likelihood of Mars One succeeding and discuss the kind of risks the astronauts will be facing.

Half of all revenues generated from the sale of the documentary will be donated to the Mars One Foundation.

Bas Lansdorp said: “One Way Astronaut as a film has a life affirming quality to it. It reflects the unwavering dedication and the sense of purpose to be found in an average Mars One applicant. It is a must watch for anyone wondering why someone would leave all behind to go to new planet.” 



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