Friday, September 23, 2016

Basic Astronomy Dissertation Writing Tips from Experts

Writing about astronomy for your dissertation may seem like a universal endeavor. In fact, your thoughts may feel as if they are being sucked into a black hole rather than pouring out on the page. However, preparing your astronomy dissertation doesn’t have to be as challenging as you think it is. If you will employ these writing tips from experts, you will find this astronomical assignment considerably easier.

The people that have to grade your paper and hear your final presentation are probably great resources for the advice you seek. This is why we have accessed recommendations and suggestions from PhD graduates and supervisors. You are turning all those years of research into one exhaustive paper. And, that process will be exhausting if you choose to ignore the suggestions here. Instead, take this opportunity to educate yourself so that you can achieve the final culmination of all those years invested in your own education.

Seriously Helpful Tips for Writing Your Dissertation

You might be an astronomy expert, but actually putting all those stratospheric thoughts down on a little piece of paper can seem daunting. Do not lose heart though, because even the most challenged scholar can benefit significantly from these tidbits of expert advice:
  • Meet the Requirements. Every school has its own set of PhD dissertation requirements. If you veer from them in anyway your paper and all your hard work will be denied. Ensuring that you are following every rule will make a significant difference in your potential for success. Do not assume that a 200 page paper is the totality of the direction. You will need to investigate to determine whether that is single or double spaced. This can make a huge difference in the number of words you will be required to write.
  • Stay Focused. It is easy to assume that your dissertation is the biggest, most comprehensive piece you will ever write. This is why you feel excessive amounts of stress in the preparation. But, the truth is, most people will never even consider reading your thesis. They will, however, be far more interested in those research and study papers you will write once you are allowed to include the PhD after your name. At that point, you will have earned the right to garner their attention.
  • First things Last. Experts suggest that you wait until the dissertation is completed to write your introduction. The idea is that composing the conclusion and the introduction at the same time will allow your paper to stay fluid. There will be a flow that keeps all that intense information connected.
  • Consider Using Apps. Project management apps can be of great assistance when it comes to keeping yourself on task and on time. Some of these apps allow you to pin your tasks to various boards that you organize. They also allow you to create checklists so that when you complete an assignment, or finish a bit of research, you will be able to check it off and feel much better about the process and the accomplishments throughout.
  • Unanswered Questions. You are going to open up your own black holes of unanswered questions over the course of your research in preparation for your dissertation. Do not ignore those questions because the professors reading and evaluating your paper will not. In fact, to be perfectly honest, most of the experts suggest discussing these questions in your conclusion. You can use them as a means of directing readers toward future research. You might open up a whole new space for astronomy research by paying attention to the questions your own research dug up.
  • Printer. This might seem like an odd suggestion, but you need to buy your own laser printer. This way you will be able to print double sided copies of your drafts for the purpose of editing. It will allow you to move those words from the screen to something tangible, and that is often far easier to edit. Then you will be able to walk away from the computer and go sit in a more comfortable chair, or enjoy some of the outdoors, while you make corrections. Plus, laser printers cost considerably less when it comes to ink and you will probably be making a lot of copies over the course of the project.
  • Inspect. Some days your brain will be so tired you will not want to write another line. On days like that, you can invest your time in inspecting your quotes. It is always advisable to go back over the quotes in your dissertation writing because misquoting someone, or giving incorrect attribution, could cause you to be accused of plagiarism, copyright infringement, or fair use violations. These are definitely not situations you want to find yourself in, and inspecting the quotes can be relatively mind numbing on those days you are too tired to write.
  • Feedback. Let other people read your thesis for the purpose of refinement. Professors will give you some feedback on various chapters, but you need to schedule with your supervisor the ability to have the whole thing reviewed before the final due date.
  • The Viva. You are presenting this dissertation as an expert in your field. The people who will be evaluating you at that point will probably not know a lot about astronomy, or the specific area you chose to study. They will ask questions to ascertain whether or not you truly are an expert. This is why you might want to consider asking your supervisor to help you plan a mock viva so that you can practice answering off the cuff questions about your topic. 
  • Originality. While this paper has to be a professional representation of your expertise, it should also include your own style and character. Perfection will never be achieved, so do not push yourself too hard. You will need moments of rest and time outside to keep yourself functioning at your optimum. This paper must represent you and prove that you understand more is not always better. Just do your best and be prepared to defend that effort.
With these expert writing tips, you will find preparing for your astronomy dissertation considerably easier.


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