Friday, December 28, 2018

S7 Space Starts Implementation of Orbital Cosmodrome Project

© Marina Lystseva/TASS

The Russian private company S7 Space (the operator of the Sea Launch floating spaceport) embarks on the implementation of the project to create an orbital spaceport. The company also announced a Mars mission, according to the report released on Tuesday on S7 Space’s Facebook.

"We are starting the work to implement the ‘Orbital Cosmodrome’ project. We suggest applying the rich experience gained by the domestic cosmonautics in long-term manned missions in its creation," the report says.

The company calls on state corporations, commercial companies and ambitious upstarts to cooperate. "The goal will become a stimulus for the development of technologies and boosting private-state partnership in the implementation of the prospects of the space industry, as well as provide the high demand of the Russian cosmonautics in the global movement into space," the report says.

S7 Space also published a video footage with the concept of its space program on its Facebook page. Carrier rockets are expected to be launched under the Sea Launch project, and cargoes are to be delivered to the future orbital spaceport to be further delivered to Mars. S7 Space has the Orbital Cosmodrome section on its website, but it is empty yet.

S7 Space is the first Russian commercial company providing a full service on the launches of spacecrafts with use of launch vehicles "Zenit".

Credit: TASS

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