Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Spektr-R Telescope Still Not Responding to Earth’s Command, While Its Onboard Systems Operate in Normal Mode

Artist's rendering of Spektr-R in space. Credit: Roscosmos

Another attempt to restore control over Russia’s radio telescope Spektr-R has failed, Alexander Bloshenko, adviser on science to the chief of Russia’s state space corporation Roscosmos, told TASS on Monday.

"As of 10:30 pm Moscow time, Monday’s program was implemented in full. Regrettably, we have failed to establish radio contact with the satellite," he said.

According to Bloshenko, two control centers — Ussuriisk and Medvezhyi Ozera — were involved in Monday’s effort. "Now, the situation is being analyzed, and proposals on further action are being prepared," he said.

He said that the data receiving center in Pushchino on Monday saw the carrier signal of the data transmitter, which indirectly proves that the telescope’s onboard equipment is operational. This was also confirmed by research data reception station in the United States.

"A research data reception station in the United States has managed to identify the carrier frequency of the separate research data transmitter of the space apparatus Spektr-R, which is indirect evidence the onboard systems operate in accordance with the built-in algorithm," Roscosmos said.

Bloshenko added that specialists will try another method of sending control commands to the radio telescope on Wednesday.

Credit: TASS

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