Thursday, April 11, 2019

Emotion Connection Between Jewelry and Consumers

How to efficiently enhance the emotional connection of consumers while carrying out brand communication, such brands as DR Diamond Ring gave us a classic case.

First, to create a DR family belief social interaction based on user needs. The DR Diamond Ring launches a discussion topic based on emotional needs on the official social media platform, releasing the popular elements and trend information of the season, encouraging fans to interact to gain fans' choices and preferences for styles, materials, design elements and ideas. As a result, the company established its design direction and theme, and finally released products that are strongly related to the needs of fans.

At present, DR diamond ring, Weibo fans more than 385 million, WeChat fans 800,000, plus other channels such as QQ space, its total number of fans are over ten million. The number of fans and interaction rate is the highest position in the jewelry industry, and ranked in the top ten in the corporate brand Weibo rankings in 2016.

This kind of beautiful love concept has also attracted many celebrity stars to join the DR family. Since 2016, "Mr. Diving" Wu Minxia, ​​"National Table Tennis" Xu Xin, "Gymnastic Ring King" Chen Yibing and other Olympic champions, as well as many first-line entertainers in the entertainment industry, such as Wu Jing Xie Nan, Li Chengxuan Qi Wei, Dai Xiangyu Chen Zixin, Lv Yi Qian Yongchen and so on, all chose the DR diamond ring as a propose ring for marriage, which became a model of the star true love family.

Second, the marketing model is entertaining. At Content marketing, DR diamond ring is mainly used to meet the emotional marketing of the new middle-class people in the future, through a series of different love attributes, such as college graduation season, long distance love, cross-country love, golden marriage love, etc., emphasizing the uniqueness of love and the importance of marriage proposal. And for entertainment marketing: through the fans' favorite entertainment, such as DR Jun live broadcast, film and television drama, star proposal, etc., they focus on the younger marketing model to cater to the individual needs of the new middle class.

The transformation of the entertainment spirit to the new consumption upgrade is a powerful driving force. In this sense, the DR diamond ring is also a content creation company and entertainment company.

The custom name jewelry industry is at a crossroads, and new consumer trends will change the industry. Some people will encounter bottleneck, and some people will rise rapidly. However, victory will eventually belong to those who are brave enough to face future changes. As Shakespeare said, “Wise people never sit down and mourn for failure, they must be optimistic to find ways to save.”

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