Thursday, April 4, 2019

Jewelry Design Process

Jewelry originally refers to the decorations worn by men and women on the head, and later refers to women's headwear, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

The English of jewelry is [Jewelry], which originated in French [Joiel], meaning [Joy] - happy. If you choose the right one, you can wear it so that you can be happy and happy. However, how to choose, how to skillfully match jewelry is appropriate? This must start with the temperament of people. The so-called temperament, is the comprehensive inner characteristic of human physiology and psychology. There are many meanings , such as calm and lively, sensitive and mellow, delicate and rough, mature and innocent which are temperament performance, which shows that each person's temperament is very different.

Jewelry and its wearing have always been an absolutely important lesson in human aesthetics. Jewelry is different in its choice of materials, colors, textures, design styles, workmanship including the using and wearing methods, so it is naturally different for the felling. According to these different qualities, people give jewelry different meanings, which is the personality of jewelry. People of different temperament, if they choose to wear jewelry properly, can enhance the personality of jewelry, and can also create their own charming charm and personality, so that people and jewelry complement each other, complement each other, and on the contrary, they will ellipse each other.

For the urban men’s jewelry:

The men who are inadvertently discovered the city is getting more and more refined. They have a soft voice, decent dress, and maintain a radiant face, and the appropriate jewelry embellishment makes them look good. Some people think that jewelry is a woman's patent, and there are very few accessories for men. This is wrong. In fact, all the decorative items worn or carried by men are called accessories such as Steel Men's Photo KeyChain, men’s necklaces, bracelets, pins, tie clips, watches, glasses, pens, belt buckles, men’s custom cufflinks, cigarette cases, lighters, key chains, etc.

Men's necklaces:

Men's necklaces are generally large and rugged which made of geometric shapes such as squares, horns and circles and made of platinum, gold, silver and other plain gold. The chain is basically not jeweled or attached to the pendant. The overall line is simple and smooth, and the style is thick which is match with men’s strength, masculine beauty , perseverance .

Men’s rings:

The choice of male rings is large, and both prime rings and inlaid rings can be used by men. Thick, heavy, wide and large are the characteristics of the male ring. The back ring of the prime gold ring is narrow, and the ring face is often made square or oblong, and the auspicious words such as "Fu" and "Shou" are cast. Inlaid men's rings are more precious stones, jade and sapphire which are used in traditional male apologetics. Diamond platinum is the mainstream, and the weight of diamonds is much higher than that of female’s.

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