Saturday, April 6, 2019

Roscosmos Vows Support to S7 Group in Sea Launch Project

Russian space corporation Roscosmos is set to help S7 Group in the development of the Sea Launch project after the tragic death of the company’s co-owner Natalya Fileva, Roscosmos Director General Dmitry Rogozin told the Komsomolskaya Pravda radio station.

"I hope that the [Sea Launch] project would live on. Apparently, Roscosmos will have to be not just a partner, but a helping hand," he said. "I will do so once all those mourning ceremonies are over. We will meet with [S7 Group Director General] Vladislav Filev, and I will offer him all kind of cooperation on our behalf."

Rogozin said he "took to heart" the death of Fileva, who was travelling on board a private plane that crashed in Germany on Sunday evening,

"She was a tough negotiator. She came and demanded this or that thing from Roscosmos. And the project kept moving forward," the Roscosmos chief said.

S7 Group is the owner of the assets of the Sea Launch rocket and space compound where 36 launches (including 32 successful) were carried out by the end of May 2014. The sea compound comprises the Odyssey floating launch platform and the assembly and command vessel where rockets are assembled and control of pre-launch operations is exercised. The vessels are based in the state of California, the United States.

Source: TASS

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