Saturday, April 13, 2019

Russian Probe to Search for Biomarkers, Traces of Water on the Moon

The task of one of the experiments to be accomplished in the process of the Luna Grunt (Luna-28) mission will be to look for biomarkers and traces of water in the lunar soil, the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Space Research Institute said.

The Luna Grunt probe - a combination of the Moon rover and the return vehicle - will study the isotope anomalies and carry out volumetric and surface analysis of gas forming elements.

Scientists hope the experiment will make it possible to clear up the outlook for the Moon’s industrial development and the possibility of the emergence of life there.

Luna-28 is a project for launching a probe to the Moon for experiments on its surface and bringing to the Earth samples of regolith. The Lavochkin Research and Industrial Association (one of the designers) says the mission may materialize after 2025.

NASA is assessing a potential cooperation with Russia for Luna-25 through Luna-28 missions.

Source: TASS

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