Saturday, August 17, 2019

About The NASA Mars Rover 2020 Trip

This artist's concept shows a close-up of NASA's Mars 2020 rover studying an outcrop. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

One of the most exciting projects to be coming in only just a few short months is the NASA Mars Rover project which is a part of NASA’s exploration programme. Some would say the excitement is comparable to that of the very first Mars expedition. Whether you are going to register at a new casino or shop online, chances are you have seen something somewhere on the internet about the upcoming trip.

What Is The Mars Exploration Project?

NASA put together a programme where the planet Mars is under close observation over a period of time. The project is based around scientific discovery of whether or not the planet is inhabitable for human beings as our planet is slowly deteriorating. 

The second part of the project is to discover past signs of microbial life on the planet. The Mars Rover will then be taken to the planet where it will drill for samples for scientists to research and reveal the results to the world. 

What most are looking forward to however, is all the information gathered which will determine whether or not there is a future for human expeditions to Mars. Some of the factors to be covered in this expedition:
  • Testing for producing oxygen on the planet
  • Identifying the planets resources 
  • Seeking water 
  • Improving landing techniques
  • Characterizing the weather on another planet
  • Calculating and defining other elements which includes dust and other environmental aspects which could affect living conditions
The mission is set to go to Mars in July or August when our planet and Mars are aligned just right for easier landing with the Rover. This is simply to keep costs lower and exercise the landing program. 

When and Where?

The mission is set to take off in July 2020 and the trip to Mars will take several months before the Rover lands on Mars. There have been other rovers to have landed successfully on the planet however, none have been as anticipated as the Mars Rover 2020 project. Scientists are excited to discover the different environment as they should be with a hefty price tag that is attached to the project. The total mission of the project has cost NASA just under $2.5 billion and so naturally, wherever costs can be saved, they are to keep expenditure at a very minimum. 

The Rover has recently been showing off its agility when it was reported it had done bicep curls at the end of July 2019. The rover has a mechanical arm which includes 5 electrical motors to complete movements. Built in the Rover are HD cameras, instruments to record, instruments for X-rays and a drill. It is fully equipped for the trip ahead as scientists know what they are looking for. 

Although there have been astronauts to have gone to the moon, we are striving to find out whether or not we could inhabit other planets and the Mars Rover 2020 mission brings us one step closer to learning about another planet, one which we may very well be able to inhabit one day.

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